10 Ways to Save This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, money is always to be considered.  We all want to go to dinners with friends and family, participate in gift swaps, and let our family members and friends know how much we love and appreciate them with heartfelt gifts, but we also don’t want to spend beyond our means.

10 Ways to Save This Holiday Season

  • DIY Gifts.  Handmade and meaningful gifts are always appreciated. (If you’re not crafty, don’t be afraid to ask others for help!)
  • Shop Online.  Save on sales tax, get deals on free shipping, and you can usually find coupon codes to use online.  I always find better deals at my favorite stores online than in stores.
  • Group Buying Sites like Groupon, Google Offers, LivingSocial. I just bought this deal on LivingSocial for Smartphone Touchscreen Gloves for $9!
  • Instead of giving a gift to every person in a group, consider gift exchanges such as Yankee Swap, White Elephant (many say this is the same as Yankee Swap, but I consider this when the gift must be zero cost ie. re-gifted or used), Secret Santa (I loved how they did it in the new movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower), or a themed exchange (ornament, book, cookie/baked goods or spirits/cocktails).
  • Go in with family members or friends to purchase bigger ticket items.
  • With family members, set a gift number limit or a cost limit.
  • Set a budget of how much you want to spend total, make a list of those you need/want to buy gifts for, and set an amount to spend on each person.
  • Get creative with gift wrapping.  Craft paper + twine, newspaper + colored tape/ribbon, re-use old wrapping paper.
  • Pay with cash so you don’t go over budget.
  • If you don’t pay with cash, at least get rewards for the money you spend by putting it all on the same card.  Better yet if you already do this, redeem your points for gifts!

What others ways do you use to save over the holidays?  When I see other great deals over the next month, I’ll be sure to let you know about them!

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Save This Holiday Season

  1. Katie says:

    one of my favorite DIY gifts is to make jars full of goodies! I've been saving jars from spaghetti and jams all year, and I'm looking forward to filling them with home made cookie/brownie mix, and home made hot chocolate (I cant get my mom's recipe if you are interested – its the best!)… now to find printable labels and ribbons to decorate them with!


  2. Katie says:

    Oh and! I also use retailmenot.com all the time to get coupon codes… if you have a Kohls card you can almost always get 30% off and free shipping with the codes.


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