DIY Home Decor Tutorial: Christmas Stockings

Matt and I have been married almost four years, and we still have the same stockings from college that came with my super cheap Christmas tree bundle that I got for $20.  I’ve said every year that I wanted to make stockings, so I finally did.

What You Need:

  • 1/4 yard Fabric of your choice
  • 1/8 yard Coordinating Fabric for Cuff
  • 1/4 yard White Fabric for Lining
  • 6″ Ribbon
  • Thread
Steps to Make:

1.    Cut out a pattern for your stocking.  I used a magazine cover.  Make it the shape and size you want.

2.    With the patterned fabric doubled, pin your pattern to the fabric and cut it out.

3.    Repeat for the lining.

4.    With the cuff fabric doubled, cut out the fabric using the top end of your pattern.  Make it as wide as you want. (Update: The cuff will look better and not be as snug if you start it as as wide as the end of your stocking pattern and taper it to be a little wider than it at the bottom.)
5.    Lay the two patterned fabric pieces with the outsides facing each other.
6.    Sew around the edges leaving the top end open.

7.    Repeat for the lining.

8.    Turn the patterned fabric stocking out so the seams are on the inside.
9.    Put the lining stocking inside the patterned stocking.
10.  Lay the two cuff pieces with the outsides facing each other.
11.  Sew the two short edges of the cuff fabric.

12.  Fold the edges of one long side over (Update: the sides that are slightly wider).

13.  Sew around the edge.  Make sure not to sew the cuff closed.  It should be a tube.  Feel free to set your sewing machine to a cool design here like I did with Matt’s stocking.

14.  Turn the cuff fabric out so the seams are on the inside.
15.  Put the cuff fabric inside the patterned and lining stocking with the non-sewn end at the top.

16.  Align the top edges of the patterned fabric, lining fabric and cuff fabric.
17.  Cut a 6″ piece of ribbon to hang the stocking. (You can make it shorter or longer if you’d like)
18.  Fold the ribbon in half.
19.  Tuck the folded ribbon inside the fabric between the cuff fabric and the lining fabric at one of the corners of the stocking.  The cut ends of the ribbon should line up with the edges of the fabrics.
20.  Sew all the way around.  Again, make sure not to sew it closed.
21.  Fold the cuff over.

I made one for each of us, and I’ll be making ones for the dogs as well.  I may do their silhouettes on them in which case I will post a tutorial for that on here.

Now they’re ready to be hung!

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