No Spend Challenge: Week 2

Days of Completion: 14
Days Remaining: 17
Amount Saved: $ ?

We are nearly to the halfway point of No Spend Month. It is becoming interesting, but we did not make any exceptions this week. The fridge, freezer and pantry are getting bare, so we need to get creative with our meal planning. Do you have a great recipe to share that uses just a few ingredients we are bound to have? Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Very soon I will probably use a website like Recipe Matcher or Recipe Key to input what ingredients we have and get recipes. Have you tried either of these websites? They seem quite brilliant. This was our dinner on Tuesday night—parmesan crusted tilapia with asparagus and jasmine rice.  Yummmm.

Last month, our hair stylist told Matt how much she liked his slouchy beanie, so we offered to trade a hat for a haircut when he needed one this week.  She’s expecting, so I threw in a baby hat as well. 🙂  I got my free bang trim to liven up my ‘do until next month.  The rug we ordered last month for our living room arrived over the weekend and needed a rug pad to protect our new floors, so we sold our old TV stand on Craigslist to give us the cash we needed.  The rest of the proceeds will be added to our savings for the month.

I hope your month is going well!  Stay tuned for more next week, and I will reveal our total savings and the purpose of our savings at the end of the month.


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