Travel Must-Haves

Lately, I have been itching for a getaway!  A scenic drive through the mountains, a wistful trek through the woods, my feet in the sand at the beach…anywhere and everywhere sounds wonderful right now.  It would be perfect to be back in Cinque Terre looking out at the view.  If I were packing for a weekend away, these are versions of the things I would not leave home without:

  1. wheeled duffel to pack everything efficiently and fashionably
  2. jewelry roll to carry my favorite pieces and ensure they do not get lost
  3. dry shampoo to revitalize my locks after traveling
  4. nude wedges for all terrains that go with everything
  5. cute sundress to mix and match for day or night or as a beach cover-up
  6. tablet for directions, to make reservations, entertainment, and to catalog our journey
  7. the perfect cardi for chilly nights
  8. makeup essentials for a natural look
  9. a good book to curl up with

I know many of you are gearing up for spring and summer trips. When you travel, what do you not leave home without?


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