Money Smarts: Thrifting

In some way, thrifting has been a part of my life for a long time. As a kid, many of our toys were secondhand. During high school and college, local thrift stores were a trove of themed costumes, and yard sales were traditional summer fun. Our first year married, poor and new to Tennessee, we discovered Middle Tennessee Goodwill Super Saturdays. The first Saturday of every month, all of the merchandise in Goodwills across Middle Tennessee are 50% off. With nearly everything in the store under $15 (including furniture!), it is within our meager budget. We can window shop for inspiration throughout the month and go all out for one day.

From thrifting regularly, we began to love the hunt and learned how much value you can get for a fraction of the cost. It is amazing what people get rid of! A good portion of the things I’ve found have been new with tags and brands I could not afford regularly. Garage sales are also a fantastic way to find really good deals, and there are sites like Yard Sale Treasure Map that make it easy to plan a route that hits several. They should be popping up soon. Thrifting is a money saving resource to help cut your spending and make your dollar go farther.

The antique chair in our living room has been one of our favorite thrift store finds.  It sits comfortably low and reclines really far back with a pretty sophisticated mechanism. Some of my other thrift store finds include a leather bag that looked like it had never been used ($4), a wooden stool ($4), a new Target felt hat ($2), a vintage red beaded clutch ($3), and a White House Black Market dress ($5).

Can you guess where we will be next Saturday?


P.S. Macklemore’s Thrift Shop song cracks me up every time.  Can you believe it made it to #1 on the Pop Charts?

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