Changing it up

You may notice that something’s a little different. 😉

I’ve been  working on updating the blog (about time right?) because it’s been two years! The problem is….decisions, decisions and daylight savings always does me in this time of year. My body does not appreciate the lack of sunlight. With it getting dark so early, I’m sleepy and unmotivated before I even leave from work. So I’m determined to do yoga more often this winter to stay active.  It’ll keep the dogs active too because they love that we’re down on their level, especially Bella who is content to lie in the floor beside us. To entertain you in the meantime, here’s an adorable video of people trying to do yoga with their interrupting pets. It delights me every time because it’s so true. Even better, check out this 3D animated x-ray of a body doing yoga. Too cool.

So bear with me for a few more days until I decide on a new theme and get everything into place. I’m really looking forward to the changes ahead. Stay tuned!



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